Friday, October 2, 2009


Favorite day of the weeksy!
Make the most of your goes way to fast!!!!!!

Heres what the Cornell Household will be doing this week:
1. Seeing 2, count them 2 concerts this weekend!!!!!
Introducing the ELMS...  Go see them when you get a chance.  They are fun, and will rock your sox! I secretly want to sing back up for!

And the second is compliments of our friends, Christian and Tara Krinz...They are taking us to see Jeremy Camp, Natalie Grant and Bebo Norman

2. Having Cam's birthday party..FINALLY!  Can someone say ICE CREAM CAKE! Whoot!

3.Watching this kid run...That would be my nephew Ben...

4.Getting groceries...hooray.
5.Hanging with Friends...Can never get enough of that!

Happy weekend and I leave you with this UBER cool Video....
I love BEP's!

Did you see me??? I was wearing black.

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kELLO! said...

happy bday cam! :)