Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My favorite...

I don't know why I forgot to post this picture, but it probably one of my fav's from this last session I did with the Brovont's.  This is their youngest daughter, Grace.  She is such a pistol, but you gotta love the way her eyes are speaking to me...or you.  Makes me wanna photog kids all the time.♥♥♥

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sneak Peak

I dont have time to post  separate posts, so i hope you dont mind that I posted these together.

The boys are my nephews...This was hands down the hardest session I have ever done.  I wore flats, when i should have worn my Asics, and my workout stuff...No worry's about hitting the gym that day...They wore me out!

Soo introducing Gideon, Silas, and Oliver:

My next family are the Brovonts.  Meet Joel, Cara, Macie, Amie, and Grace.

Such a great family and goofy too, but in a great way.  It made for some wonderful pictures!  Thanks Brovonts!

Thanks Osborns and Brovonts! 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Guitar Pickin and Pluggin...

So I want to do a little shameless plug 
for my husband.
This is him playing a bass, He prefers his Gibson...isn't the sky glorious in this picture!?

He joined the blog world with my prompting and started a site about his favorite pastime...


My husband is a gifted self taught guitarist, and in my opinion, one of the best(I may be a little biased).
He began when he was 15.  He doesn't play because has to.  He plays because he wants to.  He plays because its so much a part of who he is. 
With the weather getting so nice, my favorite thing for our family to do, is open all the windows and listen to my husband play along with his favorite guitarist! Yes, it gets pretty loud at our house on some days!!

Rob and Cam Jamming together

Anyway, Rob(the mr.) doesn't do anything halfway. no sirree.  Its the whole enchilada!

When he knows something, he knows it inside out, upside down, where it started, where it could end, and so on and so forth.  A lot of you that know him, can testify to that fact. 

That's why I encouraged him to build a blog about all his knowledge on music.  Its for the curious, the beginners, the apprentice, the teacher..whomever wants to increase their knowledge and just enjoy learning more about their craft.
He started out with beginner topics, but will soon expand to other things and he takes requests.

So here's the deal...Most, if not all my readers, are probably not going to be interested in joining his Blog...that's OK.  But you know someone who is, and loves to talk music, guitars, the techy stuff...
This blog is for them.

If you join his blog or send someone there to join, leave me a note here or on his blog to let me know.
We may feel a little generous and do a little giveway for helping us out!!!
(does this sound a little desperate...maybe, but I'm not to proud to

Hasta Luego!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The night is still young...unfortunately, I'm not anymore...

I'm tired.  Sooo tired.
The last couple of nights, I haven't hit
the sack until 3 or 4 AM. 
Is this normal for me?
Am I to old for this crap?
Most definitely
I live for the nights though.
no kids.
(they're all snug as a bug in bed)
No husband.
(He's either in his chair sleeping in front of something no doubt on Fox news or the History channel)
So its just me.
With the many things I should be doing:
Grading papers(I homeschool my 2 girls).
Paying Bills(thats just depressing).
Making my to do list for the next day(or later that day if its after midnight)
Reading the backlog of magazines I got for Cmas (yes, gift of the season, I got 8...count em.. 
8 subscriptions to magazines...and not one of them was what i really wanted! 
Stick to the list people, and nobody gets hurt).
Editing pictures(neverending process).
Work(I also have a part time job I do from home).

Yes...all things I should be doing, but instead, you will probably find me reading your blogs, or shopping on Ebay, or playing euchre on Pogo or Facebook.  My new thing is shopping on Etsy.  yes, I tried avoiding it as long as I could, but Im looking for a camera sling bag and there are some CUTE CUTE stuff on Etsy.

So do you want to hear the best news of all this week.....

My husband got called back to CAT!

Can you say shopping...SAVING money!  Lol who am I kidding??...I am going to celebrate!

So yes, Im going to shop.  My wish-list has grown so much while Rob was laid off...
You just cant do that to me!!!
Goodwill has been calling out for me.  I hear ya Willy!!  Mommas coming!!!

So I have 2 sessions that I cannot wait to share with you.  One is of my darling pistols nephews and the other is a sweet family that definitely make what I do, so much fun!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friends!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Hip Hop and we dont stop...

I knew when we built our home, that I was not losing my mind for installing a lot of windows.  As I'm typing, I am enjoying the breeze(yet sometimes swift today) and the view of green grass, new buds on trees and fresh blooms right from my office window.  How  the little things become big blessings!

Easter for our family was gorgeous.  We went to our church for one of the best messages I have heard from our pastor, and trust me, he has a lot of good ones that I have heard! Between the all the Pastors who serve and the people who are there,  Cornerstone  is one of the best church's I have ever been too.  I love the people who are there and who have become like family to me.  Most of my best friends have come from this church, and our pastor is one of the best.  We are so blessed to be a part of a solid ministry.

After Church we had our traditional Easter Egg hunt at my in-laws and then lunch!  Yummy yummy Lunch!  Before we headed home, the girls were able to see the new chicks their Grandpa got.  Such cuties and awesome pictures for the holiday!  I came home afterwards, and made a quick fruit pizza and then headed off to see my family. Again, lots of good, good food and fun with family.

Needless to say, we were full and exhausted.  And full of Chocolate...Oh my, the supply of chocolate is unbelievable and we didn't buy any this year!!.  I'm only complaining, because chocolate makes me literally weak at the knees...I can't say no!!  So I'm trying to get creative with it...Any suggestions??  The quicker it goes, the less I have it around, so maybe there's a recipe I can throw it in...hmmm(as I unwrap yet another Reesee PB cup).

Happy Spring Friends!!!