Friday, April 23, 2010

Guitar Pickin and Pluggin...

So I want to do a little shameless plug 
for my husband.
This is him playing a bass, He prefers his Gibson...isn't the sky glorious in this picture!?

He joined the blog world with my prompting and started a site about his favorite pastime...


My husband is a gifted self taught guitarist, and in my opinion, one of the best(I may be a little biased).
He began when he was 15.  He doesn't play because has to.  He plays because he wants to.  He plays because its so much a part of who he is. 
With the weather getting so nice, my favorite thing for our family to do, is open all the windows and listen to my husband play along with his favorite guitarist! Yes, it gets pretty loud at our house on some days!!

Rob and Cam Jamming together

Anyway, Rob(the mr.) doesn't do anything halfway. no sirree.  Its the whole enchilada!

When he knows something, he knows it inside out, upside down, where it started, where it could end, and so on and so forth.  A lot of you that know him, can testify to that fact. 

That's why I encouraged him to build a blog about all his knowledge on music.  Its for the curious, the beginners, the apprentice, the teacher..whomever wants to increase their knowledge and just enjoy learning more about their craft.
He started out with beginner topics, but will soon expand to other things and he takes requests.

So here's the deal...Most, if not all my readers, are probably not going to be interested in joining his Blog...that's OK.  But you know someone who is, and loves to talk music, guitars, the techy stuff...
This blog is for them.

If you join his blog or send someone there to join, leave me a note here or on his blog to let me know.
We may feel a little generous and do a little giveway for helping us out!!!
(does this sound a little desperate...maybe, but I'm not to proud to

Hasta Luego!!

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Lynn Ellen Wolf said...

Hey Missy, this is a great idea... I just bookmarked your and Rob's blogs on StumbleUpon so the whole world can see them. You two are some of the most awesome people. (When are you going to sing in your blog? :)