Monday, April 12, 2010

Hip Hop and we dont stop...

I knew when we built our home, that I was not losing my mind for installing a lot of windows.  As I'm typing, I am enjoying the breeze(yet sometimes swift today) and the view of green grass, new buds on trees and fresh blooms right from my office window.  How  the little things become big blessings!

Easter for our family was gorgeous.  We went to our church for one of the best messages I have heard from our pastor, and trust me, he has a lot of good ones that I have heard! Between the all the Pastors who serve and the people who are there,  Cornerstone  is one of the best church's I have ever been too.  I love the people who are there and who have become like family to me.  Most of my best friends have come from this church, and our pastor is one of the best.  We are so blessed to be a part of a solid ministry.

After Church we had our traditional Easter Egg hunt at my in-laws and then lunch!  Yummy yummy Lunch!  Before we headed home, the girls were able to see the new chicks their Grandpa got.  Such cuties and awesome pictures for the holiday!  I came home afterwards, and made a quick fruit pizza and then headed off to see my family. Again, lots of good, good food and fun with family.

Needless to say, we were full and exhausted.  And full of Chocolate...Oh my, the supply of chocolate is unbelievable and we didn't buy any this year!!.  I'm only complaining, because chocolate makes me literally weak at the knees...I can't say no!!  So I'm trying to get creative with it...Any suggestions??  The quicker it goes, the less I have it around, so maybe there's a recipe I can throw it in...hmmm(as I unwrap yet another Reesee PB cup).

Happy Spring Friends!!!


Jocelyn said...

I say just eat all the candy in ONE sitting...then it is gone and you will be so sick of candy and you can burn it all off tomorrow:-) How much damage can that do??? LOL!

kELLO! said...

i really enjoyed your first paragraph. :) and i enjoyed reading about YOU :)

Traci said...

Great photos of your girls with the baby chicks! I agree about lots of windows - until it comes time to clean them. (;