Thursday, March 25, 2010

Carter Family

What a treat!
  This family was the winner of the Family Christmas Giveaway, But the treat was being able to catch up with an old friend from my Jr High and High School years.  It was so good to shoot someone who knows the old days of being a Hot Dog. (yes that was our mascot).  His family is oh so sweet and his boys..oh my, such handsome cuties(can I put handsome and cute side by side??)

Meet John, Robin, Chris, Zachary, and Korbin Carter.  Robin requested that we go to Happy Hollow, so that was our first stop.  We had to break this day up because of the weather, but we'll be doing some barn and train depot pictures later on.

Thank you Carter Family!  I hope you like what was captured so far...Looking forward to our next session!

Robin...the pic above has the color that may match what you have in your pictures at home...Let me know what you think...


Traci said...

You got some super "real" family interactions! Bet all these boys meant lots of energy!
Nicely done, Hot Dog! That cracks me up!

Robin said...

Melissa..>I LOVE THESE...can't wait to see the rest adn the coloring is just PERFECT!!! My favorite is the boys on the railing...OMG that is so PERFECT! Did I mentiont he pics are PERFECT? Thanks so much for coming out with us on a cold have done an amazing job!