Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Drug...

 I love my new drug.
My husband loves that I love my new drug!
I do it every day and give myself a break on the weekends.
It makes me sweat and stink, but what a feeling!
If I knew this drug was so good, I would have been doing this a LONG TIME AGO!
Maybe you heard of it?  Its called EXERCISE.

Ok, so that was a little goofy, but it has seriously changed my life.  For the better.
(Me in 1992)
In high school, I was in the best shape I could ever be in.  I worked out every day, and ran.  So after graduation, it all went downhill.  Full time jobs and School took over whatever time and energy I had and basically everything I worked so hard for went down the drain.  I was 135 in HS and presently, no where near that.
That's ok though.  I value what I do now.  Just turning 36 has made me think of my future. I don't want to be 40 and think..I shoulda, coulda, woulda.  I want to know that my 40's will be what my 30's should have been.

So I have had some of my friends ask what I do when I workout.
I used to go to do weights and nautilus and the treadmill, but I have come to really hate doing that.  I don't mind doing some cardio, but my preference since I started last September has been taking some of the classes they offer.  I usually prefer working out by myself.  But I started going and I LOVE IT!  I love that we have fun and enjoy each other, and there's an accountability within the women in the classes.

So I started out with Bodyshop.  Its a mixture of ball, weight and bands with a heavy dose of Abs.  The instructor is so great!  It really does make a difference who is teaching the class.

The week of TGiving, I started Body Pump...LOVE IT.  It works you good.  Within 2 weeks, I noticed my arms, legs and butt changing.  But, I had to back off because I hurt myself.  So, ill be back by April and I cannot wait!

Mid December I started Zumba.  This class is A MA ZING.  First, I love to dance.  In fact, before this class, I was looking for dance classes to take b/e you always hear how much people lose weight when they start moving.  Well, its true.  I hate cardio, so if I have to get my cardio in my dancing,  then I'm all over that!  Oh, and the best part...we dance in the dark with dance lights.  Makes for a dance club kind of feeling.
The chic in the video is a little extreme, but the moves are exactly what we do and seriously, its hard not to really get into it.

The newest class Im going to try is Yoga..Or Inner Peace as they call it at the Y.  Im not sure if I'll like it. I've heard other ladies that take it, just rave about it.  I guess its worth trying once.

I strongly encourage you to try these classes if they offer them at your YMCA.  I also suggest giving it a couple of weeks before you decide if you will like it or not. Let me know if you've tried it and how it went!



Jocelyn said...

Keep up the good work!!! I am proud of how you have stuck with it!!! You go girl! I still like working out alone...haha!

Stephanie said...

WOW, that's awesome! Me and the hubby work out at home together. I'm embarrassed to work out in in group - I think I'd always be the worst one! Although that Zumba class sounds really fun! I do love yoga, but my wrists have been killing me so I haven't done it in a while. Keep it up, lady. You rock!!!

Daveana said...

Your blog is looking really nice. I like the new look a lot.