Monday, February 22, 2010


I was thrilled when Liz gave me a call wanting Nolan's 3 month pictures.
  I have only done one baby, but I love a challenge!
Well, this was no challenge at all.  
In fact, this was so much fun that I'm looking for more babies to practice on!  
This little guy had a rough start when he came into this crazy world, but as you can see, 
he is quite healthy and doing great.
Here's a small preview of what was captured that day. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thank you...Thank you very much

Wow, It is Feb 2oth!    I can't believe how fast this month is going.  I'm ok with it though, b/c March will be here and you know what that means...SPRING! Oh Spring, You cannot come soon enough.
Is it me, or has this been the longest winter ever!?  I really try not to complain, but seriously... ENOUGH of the snow already!

I'm done ranting about the weather..on to February.  Well, if you read my past posts(ill forgive you if you haven't), you'll see that I celebrated my 36th birthday on the 5th.  I love celebrating birthdays, especially my own! Because of the lay-off, we decided to hold off on the celebrating(and by celebrating, i mean buying stuff!)  So it is especially quite a blessing when special people in your life make it special.
So here is my BDAY THANK YOU LIST:
1. My mom for the bday cash!  With that, we were able to eat at O'Charleys.  It was really good, and quite the treat!
2. My Mom in law and other extended in laws for my Yankee Candle, Ice Cream Cake, and gift card(buying camera stuff with that!)
3. My sweet sisters, Marci and Shelly, got me new UGs to wear in the house(they are soo comfy!) and my new " I dropped a another size" jeans!
4.My Sweet cousin, Sharon, who lives in Portland, mailed me a cake...Yes a small cake through the mail!!!
It came intact and it was DELICIOUS!  Check out her blog " Keller's Frosted Cakes"
She is an amazing cake decorator.  I love that this kind of talent runs in our family!  She has a definite gift!

5. My friend Jocelyn always knows how to make me happy on my day of days.  She makes these delectable goodies that are quite sinful.  I had to make a visit to the Y confessional and tell the Workout priest how badly I sinned!  You would too if you would have eaten these:
Glazed Toffee Bon Bons...Go here for the delicious recipe
Her gift didn't stop there!
It just so happen that she started her Etsy store, the Trendy Owl making flower jewelry and accessories.
Along with sweets, I also got one of her necklaces that she created called Flower and Beads.

I love it and since I love wearing black, it will go with most everything I wear!
For more info about Jocelyn, check out her blog!

6.Another one of my gifts is from my friend Kelly.  The only thing is...I dont have it yet.  In fact, im not sure if I will get it.  Ever since I saw it, I told her that I wanted it.  But I kinda spoiled it and now I've ruined the moment.  See, she crochets scarves and does a fantabulous job.  Well, she made a purple one, and honestly, I'm in love!  I love scarves!  Im not talking about the ones that EVERYBODY HAS...yes including me.  The fuzzy, "I can't believe i can only wear these during the winter" kind of scarf.
Anyway...check it out here...Does it not look great on her...
Im hoping I get the same effect...IF i get one(hehe).
oh, by the way, Mrs. R, I would love to get *CROQUET lessons..LoL  (*inside joke)

7.Have you seen my Facebook wall on Feb. 5?  No joke, I had to have over 100 Bday wishes.  Nothing says loving like having your FBook friends shower you with blessings!  Thank you...MUAH!

8.Thank you to my beautiful baby girls!  They made me AT LEAST 20 cards for me. 

Valentines 2010

9.My last Thank You, goes to my sweet sweet man.  Even though, we couldn't afford to buy anything, he does my dishes, does the laundry, take out the trash, vacuums, and watches the girls while I workout in the AM/PM...ALL without asking.  He loves me...He really loves me.  Don't worry though, as soon as he gets hired on somewhere and we get caught up...can someone say...PRESENT!!!  I cant help it...i've always been a gifty kind of girl ; )


Out with the Old...

Yes, I'm changing it up again!
Sorry I haven't been around to check out everyone's blog but its been pure craziness around here!

I have some great things to share, but I just have to find a few minutes to catch my breath and slow my mind down to do it.

Hope everyone is having a super weekend!

This is Herby.   Tried to get a decent picture, but the dumb dog wouldn't sit still.  So I had a stick behind my back and camera in the other.  This is him anxiously waiting for me to throw...Good thing he's a good boy!!

Blessings! Missy

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I ♥...

With Valentine's Day on its way, I thought I would get a head start on doing something for the big V(and I don't mean disease).
When we were dating, my husband and I used to go all out for the day of days.  It was nice, but I was reading a book about famous love letters and I began to look at this day the way
President Reagan did with this wife...
 "Feb.14 may be the date they observe and call Valentine's Day, 
but that is for people of only ordinary luck. 
I happen to have a Valentine's life, which started on March 4, 1952,
and will continue as long as I have you."
Gosh, that's just mushy. 
But I love it, and decided that was my way of looking at Valentines Day. 
Why have one day to go all out for your spouse or love one.
  Shouldn't that be practiced everyday of our lives?
So I have listed some of the easiest ways to show someone I love you...
disclaimer: I'm going to assume my readers are woman
4.Pinch their toosh
(OK, is that me?well i like it!)
5.Dance, even if you don't know how, a little mode music and swaying can go a long way
6.Write notes in the bathroom mirror(I love doing this!)
7.Lay down under the stars(no fire, no light, trust'll make sparks on your own!)
8.Stare at your spouse from across the room at a public place...when you make eye contact, give him a look only he knows.
9.Appreciate him...TELL him you appreciate him.
10.Say it...I. Love.You.

Alright, so enough of the mush...Here is fun questionnaire about the loves of my life...

If I weren't a mom, I'd to be...
a contestant on Amazing Race! Being a mom rocks though...
When I want to blow off steam, I to...
WORKOUT.  I love working out.  Its such a boost and the benefits aren't bad either!
The trait I most in myself is...
Practicality.  Translation: I like to keep it loose, let things roll off, not letting life or people get to me(to much)...
The cause I the most...
Right now, my heart is aching for Haiti and for countries like Haiti, so I support our church who frequently goes there, and I support our missionaries who also have followed the calling to serve and minister.
After I get great news, I calling...
My husband first, then my mom, then his mom, then my that order!
Even thought some might consider them flaws, I've learned to ...
My ghetto booty. Yep.  Once that baby gets in shape, its going to be Ghetto-FABALOUS.
When it comes to eating, I saying...
Just eat it.  Just don't eat all of it.
When I'm on the internet, I checking out...
Facebook, Blogger, that order
When it comes to shows, I watching...
LOST, America's Next Top Models, America's Best Dance Crew,
World War II documentaries, Amazing Race.
I'd it if you didn't do this....
Get in my personal space...
I the way I feel... 
when I have victory over a bad habit!
I my hair when its...
Long and curly and healthy
In 10 years, I would to be...
Planning our next 10 years, since we will be empty-nesters!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Ok, it may be strange that I'm making mention of my own birthday, but I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!!
Especially my own! 
Not doing to much on the day of my bday, only b/c we usually wait until the Super Bowl to celebrate.
Usually the Super Bowl hits on or very near my bday, so we combine 2 huge occasions into one big celebration!  And why not!  I get millions showing up and cheering for me, I get an awesome halftime show... for me(Did you hear...It's the WHO!  sweet!), and I get to watch all the crazy commercials...for me.
OK, so I maybe stretching it just a tad... 
but nobody dares to tell me the truth, well because... its my bday, and ill hallucinate if I want to! 
Sunday is a win win for me too!
My Colts are playing!!!
(photo by Manning18fan)
Against my Quarterback crush...DREW BREES!!  
(its my husbands man crush too, so no worries)
Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints / Image: Zuma Press

Yea for one of the best Quarterbacks Purdue has ever had!!! 
But I'm sorry Drew, I have to root for my man Manning...I know you'll understand...

So to end this crazy birthday blog, I will bore you with more of my trip down nostalgia lane...
I don't get share these very often, so endure a little longer my friends..
Have a great weekend!!!!  GO COLTS
 Senior picture 1992

Current, Yea... im all kinds of sassy.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chute Family

I have the greatest friends in the world.  Bar-none.  I have several friends that no matter the distance or the length of time; you know you will always remain friends.  That is what I have with this family.  Meet Chad, Tammie, Michael, Christopher, and Caitlyn.  I had the pleasure of getting to know this family as Chad was serving as our assistant pastor.  They have since moved, but I have made the trip to see them a couple of times with another dear friend of mine.   Tammie had mentioned that she wanted me to do her family pictures, but since then, some plans had changed, and it looked like it may not happen.  Well, with this last trip, I almost left my camera at home, but something inside me said, "just take it, you know you'll regret it!"  Wow, I'm glad I did.  It was sooo cold, but we were able to get some very nice shots of the family.
Here's a couple to share with you!
Thank you Chutes...God has Huge plans for you!