Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Ok, it may be strange that I'm making mention of my own birthday, but I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!!
Especially my own! 
Not doing to much on the day of my bday, only b/c we usually wait until the Super Bowl to celebrate.
Usually the Super Bowl hits on or very near my bday, so we combine 2 huge occasions into one big celebration!  And why not!  I get millions showing up and cheering for me, I get an awesome halftime show... for me(Did you hear...It's the WHO!  sweet!), and I get to watch all the crazy commercials...for me.
OK, so I maybe stretching it just a tad... 
but nobody dares to tell me the truth, well because... its my bday, and ill hallucinate if I want to! 
Sunday is a win win for me too!
My Colts are playing!!!
(photo by Manning18fan)
Against my Quarterback crush...DREW BREES!!  
(its my husbands man crush too, so no worries)
Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints / Image: Zuma Press

Yea for one of the best Quarterbacks Purdue has ever had!!! 
But I'm sorry Drew, I have to root for my man Manning...I know you'll understand...

So to end this crazy birthday blog, I will bore you with more of my trip down nostalgia lane...
I don't get share these very often, so endure a little longer my friends..
Have a great weekend!!!!  GO COLTS
 Senior picture 1992

Current, Yea... im all kinds of sassy.



Jocelyn said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love ya tons!!! You. Me. Starbucks?

Sare said...

UM!!! how cute are you?!! SUPER CUTE!!! I hope you had a VERY Happy Birthday!!!

Yes. LOST. Hooked. LOL!! How good was the premier the other night? I so can't wait for Tuesday!!!! hehehe It's so nice to meet you!!!!

stovall5 said...

Happy Birthday Missy !!!! Love the baby pictures

Daveana said...

Ow! Ow!!!

suzyQ said...

Your old pictures are great!!