Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thank you...Thank you very much

Wow, It is Feb 2oth!    I can't believe how fast this month is going.  I'm ok with it though, b/c March will be here and you know what that means...SPRING! Oh Spring, You cannot come soon enough.
Is it me, or has this been the longest winter ever!?  I really try not to complain, but seriously... ENOUGH of the snow already!

I'm done ranting about the weather..on to February.  Well, if you read my past posts(ill forgive you if you haven't), you'll see that I celebrated my 36th birthday on the 5th.  I love celebrating birthdays, especially my own! Because of the lay-off, we decided to hold off on the celebrating(and by celebrating, i mean buying stuff!)  So it is especially quite a blessing when special people in your life make it special.
So here is my BDAY THANK YOU LIST:
1. My mom for the bday cash!  With that, we were able to eat at O'Charleys.  It was really good, and quite the treat!
2. My Mom in law and other extended in laws for my Yankee Candle, Ice Cream Cake, and gift card(buying camera stuff with that!)
3. My sweet sisters, Marci and Shelly, got me new UGs to wear in the house(they are soo comfy!) and my new " I dropped a another size" jeans!
4.My Sweet cousin, Sharon, who lives in Portland, mailed me a cake...Yes a small cake through the mail!!!
It came intact and it was DELICIOUS!  Check out her blog " Keller's Frosted Cakes"
She is an amazing cake decorator.  I love that this kind of talent runs in our family!  She has a definite gift!

5. My friend Jocelyn always knows how to make me happy on my day of days.  She makes these delectable goodies that are quite sinful.  I had to make a visit to the Y confessional and tell the Workout priest how badly I sinned!  You would too if you would have eaten these:
Glazed Toffee Bon Bons...Go here for the delicious recipe
Her gift didn't stop there!
It just so happen that she started her Etsy store, the Trendy Owl making flower jewelry and accessories.
Along with sweets, I also got one of her necklaces that she created called Flower and Beads.

I love it and since I love wearing black, it will go with most everything I wear!
For more info about Jocelyn, check out her blog!

6.Another one of my gifts is from my friend Kelly.  The only thing is...I dont have it yet.  In fact, im not sure if I will get it.  Ever since I saw it, I told her that I wanted it.  But I kinda spoiled it and now I've ruined the moment.  See, she crochets scarves and does a fantabulous job.  Well, she made a purple one, and honestly, I'm in love!  I love scarves!  Im not talking about the ones that EVERYBODY HAS...yes including me.  The fuzzy, "I can't believe i can only wear these during the winter" kind of scarf.
Anyway...check it out here...Does it not look great on her...
Im hoping I get the same effect...IF i get one(hehe).
oh, by the way, Mrs. R, I would love to get *CROQUET lessons..LoL  (*inside joke)

7.Have you seen my Facebook wall on Feb. 5?  No joke, I had to have over 100 Bday wishes.  Nothing says loving like having your FBook friends shower you with blessings!  Thank you...MUAH!

8.Thank you to my beautiful baby girls!  They made me AT LEAST 20 cards for me. 

Valentines 2010

9.My last Thank You, goes to my sweet sweet man.  Even though, we couldn't afford to buy anything, he does my dishes, does the laundry, take out the trash, vacuums, and watches the girls while I workout in the AM/PM...ALL without asking.  He loves me...He really loves me.  Don't worry though, as soon as he gets hired on somewhere and we get caught up...can someone say...PRESENT!!!  I cant help it...i've always been a gifty kind of girl ; )


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kELLO! said...

that cake looks cool. kinda like an easter egg :)

and yes, you will get your scarf.
remember how i work at this one hospital and we decided to change buildings this month? well yeah, the scarf took a back seat to the patients. ;) haha jk. i can't wait to make it!