Monday, February 22, 2010


I was thrilled when Liz gave me a call wanting Nolan's 3 month pictures.
  I have only done one baby, but I love a challenge!
Well, this was no challenge at all.  
In fact, this was so much fun that I'm looking for more babies to practice on!  
This little guy had a rough start when he came into this crazy world, but as you can see, 
he is quite healthy and doing great.
Here's a small preview of what was captured that day. 


Traci said...

Sorry I'm late with my birthday wishes - sounds like it was wonderful! Lovely gifts - a cake in the mail?! Gotta love that! Jocelyn's goodies and gifts lovely AND that recipe and chose to scroll quickly!
These baby shots are fabulous! Great catchlights in those baby blues, esp. in the first and last ones. Love that you got mommy with him, too!

Stephanie said...

These pictures are beautiful, of course. You are gifted!

Daveana said...

Cute Cute Cute