Thursday, October 15, 2009


Friday's are Soooo Biddy Cool!! 
Especially when you have 5 things to look forward to this weekend...
Shall we??

Numero Uno: Pizza Night at the Cornell house with a movie...I'm all over that!
DOS: Remember this kid, my nephew?  His team made Regional's.  So we get to cheer him on Sat. AM

THREE: Normally, we would watch Purdue, but we need a break from the downer we get when the game is over, so we are going Goodwill hopping.  Not to be confused with the famous" Tour De Goodwill"  The hubby is coming along, so I cant hide my purchases.. HA HA  just kidding....kinda.

QUATHRO: I have a family session  this Sunday...Pray for good weather.  I really want to do this.  I so love this family and I want to give the best pics possible.  They are so fun so I'm not worried.

FIVE: No work this weekend...That just makes the weekend that much sweeter!

Until Monday my friends...


Jocelyn said...

woo hoo! we are having pizza and movie night at our house fri nite too!!!

Jamie Lynn said...

Have a great weekend! Goodwill shopping sounds fun!

kELLO! said...

working my life away :(

Melissa J Cornell said...

working just means you have $$$$