Friday, October 9, 2009

Make new friends, but keep the old...

TRIVIA: Anyone know where I would have gotten that song from years and years ago!?

Rob and I were able to spend time with some good friends.
They're like Kin to us!
I've mentioned them once or twice on here and I love them dearly!
Meet Christian and Tara Krintz.

We have been friends with them forever! 
We were in each others wedding's(my Matron, her wedding singer)

She's the blond to the left of me and her husband is above her.

They were gracious to treat us to a wonderful concert
(if you follow my FAB FIVE, you would know which concert I speak of)
So heres some pictures from that Sunday... we had a ball!

 Me and Tara

I'm cool

Natalie Grant...Wow she has pipes!

YAY, for lifelong friends! 


Traci said...

Wow - incredible concert photos and being with lifelong friends. What could be better?!? Have a fun weekend!

Jocelyn said...

too cool! those concert pics are great! one day i will be able to take pics like you:-)

Melissa J Cornell said...

ok, so heres a little secret...Totally off my Kodak. I dont have the zoom for the D like the Kodak has. It doesnt hurt that we were only 8 rows up from the stage!! WHOOT!

Melissa J Cornell said...

oh and if anybody cared..The title is an old girl scouts song i learned at camp...the one I got kicked out of...for playing with fire. Oops.