Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unexpecting the unexpected

Check out my green 'mators! 
These came from a tomoto bush that must have germinated when
we threw out our rotten tomatoes out our door last year.
And it could be our dog.  He loves tomatoes!!
  We noticed the vines, but didn't expect anything to come from it,
because that area around our home gets the least light of anywhere around our home.
We had the same incident happen with pumpkins last year,but we only got vines and no 'kins.
Imagine my surprise when my husband brought in a dozen of green tomatoes to ripe at our window!

I love that even through this cold Fall, 
we have a little piece of summer to warm us up!
When these babies ripe, can you say...SOUP!? 

Oh!!! Happy 100th post to me!


kELLO! said...

100 already? wow! I'm at 84. :)

stovall5 said...

Missy CONGRATS On the 100 th post !!! KEEp it up i love reading them.. And Kelly if you wouldn't take a hiatus from blogging maybe you to would have a 100 also ... LOL (I love reading yours too)