Thursday, October 8, 2009


Such a rainy Friday, but doesnt stop this family from enjoying the weekend...
Enlighten me, whats on the agenda for you and yours?
Here they are, and to mix things up; im counting backwards!!!  whoa watch out!

5.Friday date night with the hubster...We're hitting the 'tique shops hard, ya'll!
4. Family shoot at the hollow on sat.
3. Watching Purdue(hopefully we don't get spanked by Minnesota)
2. Going to church and hanging with the family.  Hopefully get a quick nap in!!!
1. Watch the COLTS!  Its nice to know that theres actually a team in IN that actually knows how to play Football.

Happy second weekend in October



Jocelyn said...

Going camping in the rain:-( so not looking forward to it. Sun you better come out fast!!! Have fun 'tiquing...hope you find some steals!

Melissa J Cornell said...

Have fun with that!