Friday, July 16, 2010

FFF and needing your bright ideas...

Hey Friends...
Just to let you know, im on editing overload, and basically life overload.

The summer has really kept us on our feet(mind you, I did not say busy, there is actually a difference, to me at least).
So today, Friday, I decided to take a break from FAB FOTO FRIDAY. It was just going to be until next week, but I think I will give it until next month.  I have a lot of things to prepare for, and places to go, and really need to focus more on not being on the computer as much.    Ill check in from time to time, but for right now, FFF will be on hold.  FFF is a good thing and I think it will generate some great networking(thanks for those who have been on board).  So keep on the look out for FFF to start up again! 

On another note, I am really working towards branding myself and figuring out "what is Arthouse Photography".
Along those lines, Im thinking of graphics and such.

Soo with that said...

What comes to mind when you think of ARTHOUSE?

Pleasee...pretty please...Share your thoughts, your ideas, your opinions, your lunch, your chocolate...whatever comes to mind(seriously, I could use some chocolate)

Thankkkk youuuuuu,
You guys are awesome!

Oh! If I incorporate your idea/opinions/thoughts somehow...Ill send you a thank you gift from me...

at the dunes last year..hope we can go back


Stephanie said...

When I see the name ARTHOUSE I think of high-end, eclectic, professional photography with a creative, artsy quality.
When I see your work, I think this person is AMAZING with lighting, creative angles, and colors. You can feel what is happening in each picture. Plus, it looks like a blast to shoot with you!
I don't know if any of that helps?
You are so talented, Missy. I am excited to see your business bloom!

Emily S. said...

I feel the SAME way about being..... OVERWHLMED!!!! Phew!

Thanks for popping by my blog the other day. You have such a positive energy!! If I ever get out to IN again, I would LOVE to meet you again and "talk shop"! Good luck the rest of the summer!