Monday, August 2, 2010

Did you hear me?
The 8th month of the year, 
is HERE!!!!!!

It is wild how quickly August got here,  
And here's the scary news... 
Its only 4.5 months away from Christmas(give or take)!!!
But, I dont get stressed out about Christmas.
  In January, I sit down with my calendar and write out all the bdays that I do gifts for, then I make my list of things I am going to buy and Wha-lah...Its done.  Now the hard part is wanting to buy more than originally planned...or even better, rewarding myself for such a good job on shopping for good deals!   So, Ive been picking things up here and there, that I noticed that have been on sale, to get a good start on Christmas.

SOoo,  I went MIA on ya for a while.  Its crazy how quickly the days go during the summer, but it has been so good to spend it  with friends and family.  I figured the blog would be here when I got back.  

One of the few favorite activities we got to do this summer,
was to go on a Bday shopping trip for my daughters BFF. 
It was so much fun, and of course, my shopping buddy and I got to do a little shopping in Goodwill and Archiver's.  

(***SIDENOTE)So...Going to Goodwill, is so much fun...if you need to waste a good couple of hours, go in!  I guarantee you will do just that, and will come out with ALL KINDS OF GOODIES!  Im sure I walked away with lots and lots of things I needed  HEHE! And don't get me started on Archivers.  I swear there's something in the air there that makes you want to pick up your scrap tools and start crafting..or it could be all the great things they sell!

 We started the Bday shopping adventures at the Mall and stopped at whatever stores she wanted to go in...

Then the girls made their way to Borders for their favorite drinks!

After all that shopping, we went to a super cute Cupcake Bakery store decked out in all things nostalgic.  It was a little difficult shelling out the cash for the cupcakes, when I know I could make them soo much cheaper(not as fabulous as Flying Cupcake. but they would still be edible, and full of yumminess), but it was all about the day and celebrating someone special!

my lil punk..the look I get when she's up to something...hmm

So that was one of many events we did this summer...
Ill be posting more soon, so don't go far!!

Blessings, Missy


Daveana said...

Your girls are so darling!

Jocelyn said...

this was one of our favs of the summer too...thanks for sharing it with us:-)