Monday, July 5, 2010

Miscellany Monday...Weekend Fun

I decided to jump on the band wagon and join Carissa's 

Miscellany Monday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
A good friend of mine joined and I enjoy reading about the regular things in life that she seems to enjoy. seemed like fun and my personal favorite...SIMPLE, so why the heck not!!

So enjoy my Miscellany Monday...FUN WEEKEND REPORT!!


sleeping in till 9am

beautiful blue morning skies

making blueberry buckle

having lunch with my sister-friend Kathy at Camilles(love that place!)

Spending the afternoon shopping with my youngest daughter

going on a bike ride with my family

steaks on the grill

watching DVR episodes Burn Notice with my stud


Sleeping late...again

Taking lunch to the crew who moved in my mom's new home(her's burned down a year ago)

Taking the girls to Greencastle to meet up with their cousin and spend the night with

Noticing a sign that said 25% off everything in the antique store

Purchased 4 metal flower hat pins for a whale of a deal(will show off later)

Buying a gorgeous dress and thrilled that I can tell I've lost some weight

Spending a quiet evening at home with the hubby


Go to church

Practice with Praise Team

Headed to Indy after church

Met the family at BD's Mongolian Grill

Went to Frankfort for a picnic and Fireworks

Caught up with sweet friends

enjoyed the fireworks

Attempted to light myself on fire with the citranella candle


Mosquitoes declared war on me

Headed home scratching from head to toe

Got pulled over for going to slow


Watched School of Rock before going to bed.

Love my life...




DORCAS said...

OH! I love me some Mongolian BBQ! Delish! Love your randomness! Thanks for sharing!

Flory said...

very nice blog you have here... i'm a new follower! have a nice day!

Melissa Cornell said...

Hi Ladies! I love Newby bloggers!!
Welcome to the randomness that is my life...I tried to post on each of your walls, but Blogger was acting up and I'm not sure if it happened...

Hope to hear from you often!!