Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free Free,..Im Free At Last!!!

Yes you read that right bloggers,
I am no longer employed by Angie's List.
By choice.
If some of you remember the beginning of the year, I picked one word to describe 2010.  That word was:
Taking my cue from that particular word,
I decided to put all my concentration into getting my photog biz really "flying".  
I have really learned a thing or two(or, three. or well. alot) about running a business and being someone who delivers a service.  
It is such an exciting, but pretty big thing that 
I'm doing in such a competitive market. But I have had confirmation, after confirmation that I'm in this for a reason.    I have been able to use my photography for so much more than a business opportunity, and I have to believe that God has bigger plans for this business than I could ever imagine.  

With that said, I have had such a busy May, that Im behind on editiing 4 sessions!!  
I just finished 2 this week, so Ill post my work soon.

Along with having more time for the biz, I'm also able to visit Blogland a lot more!!
 I know...I hardly contain myself.
Peace out.

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