Friday, June 11, 2010


I love good pictures.  I love sharing good pictures with other people.  Thus begins my
This week will only feature me, but starting next week, Ill get Mr. Linky on here and you can share your own favorites.  It can be yours or maybe someone elses (just make sure you OK it with them!!!) 
It can be silly, funny, serious, ridiculous, old, get the point.
Just share what inspired you to shoot it or why you chose the picture for FFF
on your own blog.  If you dont mind... Send a shout out back to me, so we can really get this moving throughout your own followers...

Can't wait to see your Fab Fotos!!!
Here is mine...
 Photo taken by Randy Pillion
This is Marci and Will McClamroch.
My sister and new BIL.
What an incredibly beautiful wedding.  
My sister is fabulously talented and chocked full of ideas
that made for such a fun day

Link up with me next week and invite your friends!!!



Cherry said...

wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flowers!!!!!!!!

Jocelyn said...

What a freakin' cool idea:-) (i had to use an f word...hahaha!!!) like the new layout too!