Tuesday, June 15, 2010

43 looks good on ya!

My darlin hubs turned the big 43 yesterday, and I didn't get a chance to post it!!
Our internet was down and then this massive storm tore through our town, so by the time I could get on the computer, it was time to sleepy-sleep...
Better late than never though!!

So here's my hubs, he hates his pictures taken, which i don't know why, he's such hunk(yes i really did say hunk..I was going to say hunka hunka burning love, but I figured that was probably TMI...so i left it at Hunk...you're welcome)!!

 Here's my hubby's life in pictures...OK, well not his full life, but a very brief look into his life...

Rob is sitting in between his 2 sisters, Im guessing he's about 3 or 4 here.
Another one with his sisters at Brown County..One of our fav places to relax and have fun!

Rob was known in HS for his running...This was his team picture his Senior Year...Ahh The 80's!
Rob is located top right corner with the mop top

Our happiest day ever!

Daddy for the first time!

 and again for the second time...

Taking the girls to their first Football game(Purdue, of course!)

His proudest accomplishement:
His Family

Happy Bday Babe...I LOVE YOU

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Traci said...

Very sweet birthday tribute! Fabulous family photo at the end!
Happy birthday to your hubby!