Thursday, September 3, 2009

Something Wonderful

Hi Mom,
Well, it's another day at the house. I thought I would just write you a little note letting you know how we're doing. Your grandgirls are getting so big. Cambria always ask about you. She can't wait to meet you one day. She has a lot of your qualities. When we have our mommy and Cambria dates, I'm always reminded of the fun trips we used to take. Do you remember that bike ride we took in the rain? We looked like possessed drowned rats, with mascara running down our faces. We got laughing so hard, we could hardly stay on the bikes!
Mom, you would just adore Casi. She has spunk and a little attitude that only a mother would love. Casi doesn't understand why we can't see you. She thinks grandmas should be around forever. Me too.
Rob is doing well. I wish you could see how talented he is. His most greatest talent is the man is striving to be. He is a man after God's own heart, just as you told me you were praying for your daughter's. He is an amazing husband. I can't believe how blessed I am to have him. Being a father is also one of his greatest gifts. Mom, you should see him with the girls. It's a love every father and daughter should have.

Well, we are heading out to run some errands. I just wanted to tell you momma how much I desperately miss and love you. My heart aches when I can't talk to you. I know it's been 18 years today, but it still hurts. But you gave me something wonderful, mom. You gave me the best part of you. The part of you that gives me the ability to stand strong and even through the hurt, to find my strength. My strength is inspired by you. As you stared death in the eye, you still proclaimed that you found victory in Jesus. You reminded me that with my faith, we are no longer victims, but VICTORS.

You also gave me 2 people that will always have one thing in common...we have a part of you with us always. They are without a doubt the greatest gift you ever gave me. You once reminded me, that they would the closest friends I would ever have. You were right. I don't know what I would do without Shelly and Marci.

I love you mom. I celebrate your life. I rejoice in your new home. Give my sweet babies a hug for me.

Ill see you some day on the other side.


Jocelyn said...

wow! that was so sweet! i have tears just reading it:-) Love ya!

Jamie Lynn said...


Tara said...

Missy, you know you write so well! I mean it, I am terrible at writing what I feel, but you are very good at that. I love the picture of you three girls and even though I didn't know her, I think your mom would have been very proud of her girls! Maybe your mom is helping with both of our kids- can you imagine the reunion we will have one day?- all of our kids together- what a party! :) OK, no crying, the one time I comment on your blog and I don't want everyone crying! I think I need to go post a happy comment on another post... off to another post..

The Smith's said...

Your Momma would be proud of the beautiful woman you've become! Love you!!