Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

So its 330 am and we just reached our hotel for the night. We had a wonderful day in Pensacola, FL! I can't believe how much we fit in today and it only cost us $40! Plus alittle gas!

I wanted the day before we returned home from vacation to be memorable. So, my idea was to hot Gulf Shores and head home, but according to the Holiday Inn reservation specialist, she insisted that we save ourself the drive and hit the beach in Pens. So glad we took her advice, we loved it!
We went first to Naval Aviation Museum. If you dont know, I LOVE history, and so does Bert(aka Rob..before we dated, I called him Bert, since everyone shortened his name to Rob...I thought it was enduring...he thought different....ANYWAY....we were told to check this place out. I thought.,..snore...But the kids go ga-ga over anything that has wings, so we decided to give it a whirl.

Completely facinating. I could have spent ALL day reading everything. The inner history nerd with corrective shoes and zits was totally coming out! After an insightful and mind you...educational field trip(yep, I went off the deep end), we were starving. We hit a little dive off of Gulf view Road and It was FAB!
Then it was off to the beach. We weren't planning to stay long b/c the boss wanted to be on the road, but when he saw the site that stood before us, our best laid plans didn't have a chance in you know where! After we hit the beach and try to uncover all the sand that crept in places I dont even want to describe...we began the long trek home. I am ready. I need my bed, I need my space...I need to move down here, so that I dont have a 12hour trip home!

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kELLO! said...

excited to see you
and more pictures! :)