Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach of a wedding...

This is Tara, My gorgeous niece.
She got hitched this past weekend at Sand Key, FL.
This is her with the "shell girls" AKA the Cornell cuties...(i would have been a part of the picture, but someone had to capture the moment!)
This is her Bridesmaids. This is just before the downpour. I thnk its cute.

The shell girls...just to darn cute for their own good.
Sand Key...see the clouds??

Scoping out the beach. It was gorgeous, then it stormed. But it did clear everyone off the beach, including the 2 weddings that were going to be on the beach besides her. It turned out to be a very good day for a white wedding(name the singer and we will be rock idols forever(I just gave you a huge hint!)

More to come as soon as the Bride gives me the OK!


The Smith's said...

Love the girls white dresses! We're hoping to hit Florida's beautiful beach in the spring with M's parents. Gotta get my girls some white dresses before then. Where'd you find your's? Nothing like the white sand of Florida...def. my favorite beaches!!

Melissa J Cornell said...

I went to Ebay because... did you know that for simple white dresses, you have to get them in the spring! Go figure! Cambria's dress was old navy and Casi's was Gap. Old navy always has cute white dresses in the spring and for cheap.
Loved the white sandy beaches too...mis ya!