Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend? What weekend...or Whatta weekend : )

Even with all the rain that we thought would never stop, I still wouldn't trade all this weather for anything!!!! We spent this weekend with great friends, the great outdoors, and celebrating great family members! First we went to the girls program at their school. They did a fabulous job. My camera died, but I manage to get 2 of each of them. Then we met the Krintz's at Coldstone Creamery...can you say YUUUUmMMMM? Then went back to their home and hung out some more. We must be getting old. We called it a night at 11PM! We usually make it a 3AM nighter when we hang out with these guys.
The next morning, we made a trip to Brown County. It was breathtaking. I love going in the Fall, but there is nothing like seeing new life in bloom. The Rose of Sharons were at their best. We went down for their Mushroom Fest. Ill post another blog and pics about our adventure. And then on Sunday, we had service as usual, and then we had a pie auction. I submitted a Angel Lush Cake, and donated Brocolli and Cheddar soup to the even that I believe raise over $1500 for the youth's Missions trip to Cali. I have no idea how much mine went for, but Im glad I could help.
Went home after church to do a going away and happy bday party for my niece Bethany. She is taking language school in Costa Rica and is going back for a second term. She was making plans to become a missionary in DR, but she feels God is keeping her in Costa Rica for the time. She will be a "mediator"between the Americans who come and the "Ricans" to get them better associated with their customs. She will do a wonderful job, but we miss her.
The kids later that night had Awana awards. They both love going, but when they have the break during the summer, it is soo welcomed. Knowing we can stay home in the evenings to relax or work on projects...say scrapping, is what im looking forward to.
Well as you can see, we were busy, which is why my house looks like a pit. Ill post tomorrow pictures and more on our trip to BC.
Happy Monday!!!

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