Monday, May 11, 2009


10 is nice well rounded number, don't you think!?
So I have decided to make my Monday blogging a list of 10. Any list of 10. I subscibe to another blog that on Sunday's she list's her favorite things...I want to spice it up a bit more...
So today, I'm starting out by my list of 10 things I want to accomplish this week....Drum roll please...

1. Get summer clothes out
2. Make a meal list
3. Workout everyday, even when I don't feel like it...I have 2 weddings coming up(one being a beach wedding). Gotta look great! At least not be mistaken as a whale that got stuck on the
4. Throw out 50 items this week...Ive declared war on my home.
5. Get my piles of laundry put away. Seriously, are they multiplying!?
6. Actually work and not scan the internet, making me spend more time on the computer than I need to. Curse you FB and Blog.
7. Organize my pictures(don't laugh J). I have taken a ton since the first of the year and I need to get them scrapped!
8. Make time to scrap! Well, at least lay out my pics and feel like im scrapping.
9. Make time for me. I wanna get my hair highlighted at this new place in WLaf called Elements...wish me luck.
10. Eat the rest of my CF 30th anniversary chocolate cake cheesecake. Have you seen the size of those things!?

Have a great Monday!
Tune in Wed. and Friday for my other themes. I know your just anxiously waiting aren't ya!?

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