Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break

The kids and I went to Chicago on Friday morning and stayed overnight with my sister. I had an opportunity to visit IKEA( a new love I discovered in Sept.) and visit one of the goodwill's there. I didn't buy very much, but I wanted too!! IKEA is not a good store for me, b/c I see things I normally don't on a regular basis and while i have done just fine without it, I get this overwhelming fixation and determination that I must have one because....well, just cuz. So after walking around for 2 hours(which isn't hard to do, its a huge store), I only spent $25 and $10 of it was a gift. If you are in the Schaumberg area(a burb of Chicago), you should visit it at least once. The prices are very reasonable, in fact sometimes quite the steal, so I'm sure you won't leave empty handed.
After that, checked out the Goodwill. It was quite different than any I had been in. It was set up more like a Boutique than a rummage sale. Everything was sorted by size, and not color and they only have (2) half off days... HUGE DIFFERENCE. I find they are much pickier with what they choose to sell, and they choose their own price. I didn't see anything over $10, except for a name brand purse they had marked $20. They had a great selection of shoes, so I did walk away with some beige heals that I really liked. I'm really rocking the snake skin right now, so when I saw the gray, with silver and light pink accented snake heels, I think my heart skipped a beat. They were gorgeous! But since I have boat feet, there was no way i could even get away with wearing them without losing toes in the process. Oh well, maybe we'll cross paths again down the road(sigh).

On the way home Sat. night we stopped and looked at the windmills located near Earl Park. They are incredible. Worth the trip to see them at least once.

Well, its Monday...time to do laundry, and clean house.

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