Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Hump Day

Glad Tuesday is over. Started out misplacing my keys right before taking the kids to school. Of course this is the day that the Kindergartners will have some kind of test, that they have asked the parents to bring the kids in on time and a little early. WE have never been late, which is amazing being that I'm late to everything. I got Casi in 1 minute before 8. Guess she wasn't late. But the stress...ugh, not a good way to start off the morning. Mixed words with a lady at Wal-mart. Couldn't find a shirt to go with Casi's Easter outfit. I think im going back to Target, i saw something there i liked...hopefully she will too. Had to change out Cambria's shirt she got for Easter...she informed me that she doesnt like polka-dots...what! are you my daughter??? I love Polka!
I cant figure out what to wear, but what else is new.
Starting my Taebo workouts tomorrow. I gotta look good for Tara's wedding in FL. Esp. if we are on a beach. Plus marci is getting married next year...I hate being the fat Matron.

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