Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Free (almost) Bakeware!

This is from another blog I have subscribe really does work...

I signed up for this freebie last month and wanted to make sure it was legit before I posted. I just receive two muffin pans and only had to pay $1 shipping/per item! You do have to sign up for a "special offer" to get the $1 shipping on your free items but as long as you call the toll free number within 7 days you will not be charged. I signed up and just called the next day and canceled my membership on an automated system. I didn't even have to talk to a live person and my account was never charged. So easy! You can complete two offers so make sure to go back and choose another item. I just ordered my third free item today. I think they reset every month. I haven't cooked with these yet but for a $1 who cares? There are multiple free item options: pans, cookie sheets, aprons, etc!

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kELLO! said...

APRONS?!?! I LOVE aprons!