Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alright, I do have 2 favorites....

Ok, So i stand corrected, and it was a biggie. I actually do have 2 favorites. ( I hate it when i have to backtrack my story)

First, without a doubt and without fail, my momma K makes hands down the best Fried Chicken and Gravy i have EVER tasted. It is a must for my Bday dinner. SO that is Favorite number 1.

Favorite number 2 is my BF Tara's Chocolate Chip Cookies. She is the ultimate in chocolate chip cookie making....no one and I mean no one holds a candle to her scrumdidlyumcious cookies! Whenever i go to her house, i usually say hi, how are you...did you make cookies...NO JOKE.

Anyway, just some useless information that took up about 2 minutes of your time...Carry on.

1 comment:

Tara said...

Hey, I am famous! I made a blog post! How cool is that! Ok, you have just won yourself a whole batch of cookies, now come over here and get them! LOL! You are so funny. Miss you! Tara