Saturday, June 20, 2009

Guitars can sing if its played by this guy....

For Robs Birthday, I surprised him with a trip to Chicago to see his Guitar model, Phil Keaggy. It was an amazing concert, and Rob absolutely loved it! Years ago, Rob took a plate from his Fender Guitar and took it to a Keaggy concert to have him sign it. This time, Rob had his Les Paul to jam with a friend of his later into the weekend and we just happen to get the idea to have him sign it. Some might think its gay, but he is somewhat a legend. People like Clapton, Hendrix, Van Halen know who Keaggy is. It was a pleasure to speak to someone with so much talent and grace. We spoke briefly and Phil was so gracious to entertain our dumb questions. I think I scored major points with this gift! I wonder how he will top it for my bday...hmmmm I have a few ideas...Trip to Belize...Hawaii...Here, Ill make it easy...Just take me to a beach. The water must be ocean or sea...Lake Freeman or Shafer does not count mister!

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