Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dear Rob

The first day of Cambria's life was the happiest moment of my life, besides the day I married you. But nothing could compare to watching you with our first daughter and the way that you just went into daddy mode. You were made to be a father. When Caislyn came, you were so good about introducing her to her big sister, and keeping Cambria from poking Casi's eyes out. She did have a weird wonderment about that, didnt she? It is almost 8 years later, and It never fails to amaze me how much you love your family. I sit back and in awe of every moment that you teach them something that I wouldn't even think they would even care about. I laugh at how the girls mimic everything you do...Like Cambrias love of the Beatles. You know thats just because she found a group that uses that silly accent she goes into...thanks to you. Caislyn is so much like you, and because I know how to read you like a book, I can finally figure her out...she is a toughie, but so were you once a upon a time.
I am so blessed to go through this parenting rollercoaster together...we make a hot team!
Love you sweets! Happy Hot Daddy Day!

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