Monday, January 4, 2010

Whats New?

Funny you should ask!!
First, We have our winner from our giveaway I hosted in December...The Grand Prize went to 
John Carter in West Lafayette, IN.  I am looking forward to shooting this family and their sweet boys!
Second, My calendar is delightfully filling up for sessions.  I have been blessed by the outpouring of people and friends showing support for my venture.  There is no greater feeling than knowing and doing what God has planned for you to accomplish.
Third, I want to do SNOW pictures, but everytime I get one scheduled, it has either dropped miserably outside or its snowing..hard!  SO im not giving up!!!  The picture posted is one from a Real Simple magazine.  Wonder what to wear for winter snow pictures...Think bright and cherry.  Also, Black never goes out of style!!

Fourth, Working on giveaways.  I am hosting one a month.  Not all will have to do with photography too.  I am interested in working with my bloggy friends to get more know...scratch my back and Ill scratch yours???

Thank you to all my new and old followers.  I am not the most interesting person in the world but I do love meeting new people!


Dani said...

I'm going to go with you're pretty interesting! You're following your dream. There's not a whole lot more interesting than that. It makes you real.

Christie said...

I agree w/Dani - you are VERY interesting - I LOVE the your 'realness'. realness rocks. :)