Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stand By Your Man Giveaway...

Just in time for Valentine's Day!
I'm providing dessert for you and your hubby...

So my first "MONTHLY GIVEAWAY" is to honor the man in our life...

I am giving away a $15 gift card to 
Coldstone Creamery
for you and your husband 
to go on a date night on me!

Here's details on how to enter:
1.Join my blog.
2.Leave a comment here to tell me how YOU are standing by your MAN and a link to your blog!
3.Post this contest on your blog with your husbands picture and how you are standing by your man.  Tell your readers to mention that you sent them!   If they mention that they got the info from your blog, you will get..DRUMROLL PLEASE>>>>ANOTHER ENTRY TO THE GIVEAWAY.(there is a 2 entry max to this giveaway)
4. The winner will be announced on Jan. 31st!

That's it..pretty easy huh??

So ill start it with my SBYM post:

This is Rob.
My Hubby of almost 12 years. 
He plays. Loud. Guitar.
I'm standing by him because wherever he goes...I will follow
because I know he follows the Father.
Love you sweets...

NOW ITS YOUR TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kELLO! said...

oh that robert is just a stud muffin! ;)
fav cold stone flava? mine: birthday cake. can't get enough.

Jamie Lynn said...

Great idea! I am a follower~ you know this! I love Coldstone...love the peanut butter ice cream! I stand by my man each day~ we have an unbelievable relationship~ never really fight and he is putting up with me being pregnant! :)

Christie said...

I've been married just over 13 years and both Steve and I have had plenty of opportunities to prove our love to each other. I have discovered in my marriage that people change - and that doesn't exclude us. As we each reinvent ourselves, we as a couple must figure out how to love each other in new ways, rather that fight against the changes. All that to say I am standing by man! And Florida would be a GREAT place to send that giftcard! :)

Melissa Cornell said...

Dont forget to post this on your own page!!!

Christie said...

I did!!!

Anonymous said...
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Jocelyn said...

Ok, I just posted on my blog and I am a follower! Anything for the Peanut Butter Cup mixture. Oooo la la! And I am standing by my man as he continues his journey as a pastor.

Heather said...

Blog follower! And I posted on my blog! Yay!
I'm standing by my man even though he's been out of work-thanks economy :), and I will nomatter what!
It's easy to stay married or together with someone when things are easy peasy, the true test of a relationships strength and the commitment of both parties, is when things get HARD.
So stand by your man, even when things get hard, because they always eventually get better!
Cheers to a great blog + giveaway!