Monday, January 18, 2010

Some Beatle Inspiration...I {Heart} Faces...FAMILY

This is from one of my first family sessions that I shot.  We were downtown having a blast, and I knew that we had brick roads from way back when still on one of the streets nearby.  We did some family shots and then INSPIRATION struck me.  Thank you Beatles Documentary and one of my favorite Album covers..Abbey Road!   I decided to have them just across the street and try to capture the same light  of the famous Beatles album.  OK, so many things(for you music historians, yes i know they walked the other way, but if you looked further into the photography session of that infamous day, they took the shot going both directions) it was so much fun trying to a Mr. Roboto kind of way...Enjoy!

Beatles Abbey Road Photo Takes:


3busybs said...

I love the that the mom is laughing.. great picture!

Kate - k8tography said...

Great idea! That mum laughing cracks me up!

Jamie Lynn said...

Very good idea~ the mom cracks me up! My husband is doing fine~ cancer free so far...still getting check ups though. Thanks for asking! This pregnancy thing is kinda annoying~ just tired and un motivated, no fun! The things we woman go through! :) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.