Tuesday, March 1, 2011

As Gomer would say...

Sunday Funnies: Gomer Pyle by a Warren Tufts Imitator

Ok...those of you who know me..I know your laughing at me or rolling your eyes. Those who don't..well God Love ya.
Yep...Missy is up to no good again.

Actually I don't know what the heck I am doing.  I went to my FB wall under ArtHouse and noticed that I still had a button for my blog.

Hmmm..said Curiosity..wonder what lies underneath this button (is it getting suspenseful for you too? I thought so).
 Well, low and behold, it brought me here. So, I started reading some of my posts, and reading things that my followers would post...and with a single tear down my chunky cheeks....I said..."What in the heck am I doing!!!"  (Side note..there were no tears used in that lame comment.

So here I go again...adding one more thing to my none existent time.

For those of who remembered my last post...yes I did get a website...but I'm learning that I am anal when it comes to selling myself.  I mean..first impressions are everything...So it has to be perfect...Anyway..those of you who are still interested in seeing what it looks like... keep your pants on and hold on to your seats, b/c the big reveal is coming!!

so...Long story...short...
Im baa-ackk.

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Daveana said...

Can't wait Missy!