Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Crunchy Leaves and Coney Dogs.

Out of all the seasons, Fall is my fav.  Its when I actually will stay outside for more than 5 minutes and enjoy the nice cool breeze(I'm not an outdoorsy person, can you tell?).  It means Pumpkin Spice Coffee from SBucks, and Soups of all kinds.  It means freezing your buckets off at a football game, while drinking hot cocoa.  For the Cornell's, it means Brown County and Dog and Suds.  Normally, we combine these on the same day, but it wasn't to be this year.  So 2 weeks ago, we hit up the food joint to get Coney dogs, and breaded Tenderloin(my favorite!) and their famous Root beer and their

Breaded Deep Fried Shrooms!  Yes, I know, probably a heart attack waiting to happen, but hey, you gotta live a little.  

Along with Dog and Suds, we decided to finally carve into our HUMONGOUS pumpkins, compliments of Grandma's garden.  Thank goodness for nice days so we could carve them outside.  They would have been extremely messy in the house.

Finally, last but not least,
 we went to Brown County.  Rob and I have been doing this since we first started dating 14 years ago!  Now the girls cant wait to go down and get away from home for a little while.  My favorite part? Well, besides walking through the crunchy leaves, is the opportunity to shoot the family pictures!  I have picures from when they were teeny tiny and now look at them!  Not small anymore. 
So, now, we are just waiting for the bitter cold days to come and get us.  Brr! Can we just skip to spring? Please?


Jocelyn said...

so fun!!!

Jamie Lynn said...

What great pictures you have! Looks like nice, fun family time!

Dani said...

that made me miss lafayette. i need some brunos now. (how that is related to dog and suds, i don't know)

kELLO! said...

aw i miss america!!! :)